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The Alley is a pop-up shop and exhibition that celebrates the history of counter culture in Blagden Alley and Naylor Court. The collection features custom designed objects, t-shirts and prints, while the exhibition includes work from artists who have worked-in or been influenced by the neighborhood. Beyond the pop-up shop & exhibition, No Kings Collective designed and executed a mural and several interior sculptural elements through the newly built Colonel condo building in Blagdon Alley. Integrating the neighborhoods contextual history, they created a seamless interior / exterior experience bringing together pieces from Shaw’s ever changing history.

May 2015


Creative Direction & Curation: 
Brandon Hill & Peter Chang

Digital Art Direction & Production:
decent workshop

Artists: Kate Campagna, No Kings Collective, Anthony Smallwood, Kelly Towles, Billy Colbert, James Kerns, DECOY, Brian Tucci, Carter Anderson, Tariq Tucker, Steve Olsen

Musicians: Furniteur & Jerome Baker iii